It’s hard to realize the emotional strain that confronts those who are left to make final arrangements, especially when no decisions were made while the family was still together. Peace of mind is everything. Pre-planning is the most considerate thing we can do for those left behind. By pre-planning or pre-paying for a funeral, it eases the emotional and financial burden for families.

A pre-paid funeral guarantees a funeral service against inflation. It is also an excellent tax shelter, since interest accrues tax free. We offer a wide range of pre-financing options, including affordable monthly payments, and all deposits are protected. If your investment (including interest) exceeds the actual cost of the funeral, any excess monies are refunded to the estate.

Pre-planned Funerals can also be arranged without pre-funding. However, this option does not guarantee the funeral cost.

Recording your Funeral wishes in your Will is not recommended, because the will is not often available at the time of death. Final wishes should be made with us, so that your specific wishes and important details are followed. Your executor should be made aware that arrangements are in place.

You may wish to follow the link to the Funeral Planning Site – Take the Test!

Pre-planning makes sense. Individuals and families can make informed, meaningful decisions when they are not under duress. Our knowledgeable Funeral Directors are available to discuss your needs, our services and products. Call +1 (705) 746-5855 to set up an appointment or contact us at [email protected].