We have provided some general questions and answers which may help you. Please remember that a Logan’s Funeral Director is always available to discuss a specific question that you may have.

Can I pre-arrange my funeral without pre-paying?

Yes, pre-planned Funerals can be arranged without pre-funding. However, this option does not guarantee the funeral cost. For more information, click on Pre-planning.

I am retiring to Parry Sound and wish to transfer my pre-arranged Funeral account to Logan’s. Can my prearranged Funeral be transferred?

Yes, deposits in banks can be transferred, and deposits with Insurance companies can be reassigned to Logan’s. You will be required to state your wishes in writing. The pre-arranged Funeral can also be transferred at the time of death by the next of kin.

What should I do if a death of a loved one occurs away from home?

Contact Logan’s—we can help in arranging for your loved one to be brought home. Call us anytime.

If a family has no church affiliation, who will officiate, and where will the service be held?

A funeral service can be held in our spacious, new chapel. We can contact clergy, or a Certified Celebrant, who will perform the Funeral Service, or Celebration of Life. The service can be personalized with eulogies, family tributes, and the playing of special music.

Can I have a funeral service and visitation if cremation is chosen?

Yes, cremation does not exclude having viewing, visitation, and a Funeral. Memorial services, without a casket present, can also be arranged. Visitation prior to the service is still an option.

Is embalming mandatory?

No, however embalming is usually done. There are reasons that make embalming appropriate or necessary. For example, embalming is usually done for public viewing. In some instances, where the casket is closed, embalming is not done.

Is cremation less expensive than burial?

Not necessarily. Cremation only is not expensive, and generally less than the cost of a burial. Burial instead of cremation may be a less expensive option if you already own a plot, and are not planning to use a grave liner, such as a concrete vault.

Can my ashes be scattered anywhere I choose?

Some cemeteries (none in our area) have specific scattering grounds. Scattering ashes on your own property is sometimes done, however it is important to keep in mind that your property may change ownership, or the area may be developed.