In loving memory of Carol Slater who passed away suddenly at the West Parry Sound Health Centre on September 13 2010.

Beloved partner of the late Arnold Clement (deceased 2002). Arnold was always part of her heart and always in her thoughts.

In her young life Carol worked in Toronto at Belland inner city women's shelters. She also worked as a caregiver for a severely handicapped child and with the elderly.

Carol as well worked as a cleaning lady for many families. She travelled a lot at this point in her life and was able to go back to Scotland where she had lived as a child. When Carol retired and moved to Byng Inlet with Arnold she enjoyed cooking baking reading and spending time with the children of the community. She also loved to spend time with the neighbourhood animals. Her greatest passion was her cats. She was always willing to help a neighbour and donated to many charitable causes. Carol will be missed by many but especially by her adopted granddaughter Courtney Barnsdale Gilles and Chantal Taillefer Johnny Mallette Mary Rempel John and Debbie Sherratt and Larry Secord.

A special thank you to Ann Palamar the Homecare workers Dr. Cook and the doctors at the Sudbury Vascular Laboratory for their patience care and dedication during the past few years.

Carol also had wanted to express her great appreciation to those who gave of their time expertise material and support to Gilles and Chantal to rebuild her home and property especially Nathan Hanna and John Hanna who worked very hard with Gil when no adults would try.

Linda Cartier (Financial Decisions Inc) Seguin Hardware Gerald St. Amant Shorty's Repair Jamie Matthews Furnace Dennis Grimes Colin Ellsworth Restore (Sudbury) Frank and Ellie Switzer Harvey Secord Yvette Haillikainen Dan and Tina Feola Alyse Robinowitz Dave and Bev Aljoe and other youth of the area.

As per Carol's request there will be no public visitation or service.

Memorial donations to the New Britt and Area Nursing Station would be greatly appreciated.